The Kiwanis Club of Greater Stanton

Around The World

Kiwanis Clubs can be found in over 96 countries around the world.
One common thread unites them all:
The desire to be of service.

There are Kiwanis Clubs in Canada, our northern neighbors.

Kiwanis donated this ice smoothing machine to their local hocky rink so more kids would get time on the ice.

A recreational day hosted by Kiwanis.

This little girl is all smiles after making a tie-dyed T shirt.

Pools were custom made for Kiwanis summer fun.

Kiwanis Clubs around the world create and support playgrounds and parks for children.

Kiwanis come from all over to volunteer in the creation of floats for the annual Rose Parade.

A school receives a new playground from a Kiwanis Club in Belgium.

Another Belgium club takes groups of kids on an annual boat ride.

This Kiwanis Club from Cariago, Columbia has filled this patch banner.

Kiwanis everywhere love to host BBQ's.

A Grand Cayman Kiwanis club hosts an annual "Buy Kids Breakfast" event, involving local markets to help provide food.

This Grand Cayman Kiwanis enjoys talking with a future Kiwanis who attended the event.

Guests receive speaker gifts from a Kiwanis club in Hawaii.

Key Clubbers from the Czech Republic, Estonia, and Finland host a bike ride to raise funds.

A Kiwanis club in Germany host a free Kid's Bounce at a local street fair.

Kiwanis helping to repair houses.

A Kiwanis ball can give a child hours of enjoyable play time.

The Kiwanis Club of Santa Ana supports this barrier free park.

The Panama Metro patch banner is full.

A Christmas party hosted by the Metroolitano, Columbia Kiwanis.

A wine tasting fund raiser held in Aartsellaar, Belgium.

A Kiwanis club in New Zealand built a skate board park for kids.

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