The Kiwanis Club of Greater Stanton

Special Activities

We sponsor or participate in special activities throughout the year.
All of our favorite events benefit children.

Division 4 hosts the annual Spring Carnival at CHOC'S. Our club loves getting involved in this very special event.

The balloon magician is always a big hit with the kids.

The smaller children enjoy being held and read to by Kiwanis members.

Kids everywhere love the washable tattoos. The children at CHOC'S are no exception.

What's a carnival without a face painter? Division 4 Kiwanis really put a lot of themselves into making this special event a success.

Afterwards, everyone gets together for a BBQ and baseball.

King Flipper, Steve Whirlege, is in fine form at the our "Best Ever Pancake Breakfast" held each year by our club at Stanton's Spring Egg Hunt.

We always have alot of wonderful volunteers and members participating in this event.

Ken Ash shows our guys how to get the grill to the perfect temperature.

David Ronnenber and Bob Williams discuss pancake flipping techniques.

Members Nancy Heitman and Mary Lara sample the sausage, again and again!

Member Ann Nguyen loads up on hot chocolate.

David Ronnenber and Tim O'Connor discuss the best ways to make the best pancake batter.

Our club sold Kiwanis Korn on the Kobb at the City of Stanton's SummerFest event.

Local Key Clubbers loved getting into the act.

Tim O'Connor is the reigning King of Korn husking.

Baily Morse takes a break in the shade to enjoy some sweet Kiwanis Korn.

Our club participates in Stanton's Halloween with Family & Friends. If it has to do with kids, we do our best to be there.

Steve Whirlege tapes of Egor's room at the Boys & Girls Club.

Cindy Conrad got into costume to run a golf game for the kids.

Mary Lara wore spiders in her hair and gave away free popcorn.

Christmas time will always find our club involved in Santa's Siren Express. Santa goes out to 5 locations in Stanton to give our toys & candy canes.

Our O.C. Sheriff escort stands with volunteers before hitting the streets.

Fire Station 46 drive Santa around town in a Fire Engine with a truck load of toys and cars of volunteers caravaning behind.

When Santa arrives the kids are waiting in line. Volunteers get to work as Santa's helpers until every child has a toy.

Even Santa gets hungry. The caravan comes back to City Hall at noon for a great lunch sponsored by Azzara's Catering.

Then it's back on the road until Santa has finished his rounds. Baily Morse volunteers each year to be Ms. Claus.

Santa waves good-bye but promises to come back next year!

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